Clear Aligners

Clear Aligners are clear trays made of various materials used to correct teeth in the same way braces are used to straighten teeth. They employ moderate and consistent force to shift the teeth into the desired position without the inconveniences of metal wires and brackets. They are customized for each patient with the help of a digital scan.

Advantages of using this treatment

  • Bite Enhancement: The good news is that transparent dental aligners may correct a wide range of tooth and jaw misalignments. These devices are used to gradually rearrange teeth in the jaw bone to seem straight and function and align properly.
  • Improves the gum condition: You are less prone to develop gum disease if you align your teeth with orthodontic treatment such as clear aligners.
  • Oral Hygiene Improvements: Plaque is more likely to go unnoticed when teeth are misaligned. Clear aligners improve oral hygiene by making teeth easier to clean once straight.

Who is Eligible for this treatment?

Clear aligners/invisible braces are a fantastic orthodontic treatment choice for people of all ages. They are discreet, hassle-free, and highly effective when instructions are followed.



How is the Process?

  • Aligner Preparation: Your personalized treatment plan will be produced in 3D utilizing the imprints of your teeth. The aligners are manufactured when the digital models have been authorized and delivered to a production facility. Accepting therapy and beginning the procedure are the next steps.
  • Regular Upkeep of the Aligners: Every one to three weeks, you’ll need to get a new set of aligner trays. Wearing them for 20 to 22 hours a day is recommended for best results.
  • The teeth will gradually be moved into their right place with each pair of aligners. Treatment times range from three to twenty-four months.

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