Composite Veneers

Composite veneers is a minimal invasive cosmetic procedure that involves covering your teeth with a custom-colored biocompatible composite resin. It can help with various esthetic concerns including discoloration, fractured or heavily restored teeth, short teeth, closing gaps or irregular shapes. Cosmetic bonding is sometimes preferred over veneers since it is less costly and does not usually necessitate the removal of tooth enamel.

Advantages of the Treatment

  • Bonding is one of the most straightforward and cost-effective cosmetics (“aesthetic”) dental operations.
  • In many cases the procedure is typically completed in one office visit.
  • In comparison to veneers and crowns, less tooth enamel is removed meaning more of your own tooth is preserved.

Who should get dental bonding?

Any patient who wishes to improve their smile is welcome to call our office to schedule a consultation with our experienced and caring dentists to learn more about the procedure and find out if they are the right candidate for this treatment.



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