Deep cleaning

A deep teeth cleaning can eliminate staining, plaque and tartar accumulation from your teeth, reducing gum inflammation and improving gum health. Further, a deep teeth cleaning helps to eliminate foul breath and supports gum disease repair.

Advantages of the Treatment

  1. Teeth cleaning can help to avoid gum disease and tooth loss.
  2. Cleaning removes bad breath in a way that brushing and flossing do not; thus, it helps to make your mouth stay odor-free.
  3. The removal of stains that cause discoloration of the teeth.
  4. Deep cleanings of teeth can avoid cavities and tooth decay. 

Who should avail of the deep cleaning procedure?

If gum disease causes your gums to move away from your teeth, creating a space of more than 5 millimeters (mm), you may need a deep cleaning. If your gum disease progresses, the gap between your teeth and gums may grow even more. This can cause loose teeth or tooth loss by weakening the bones that support your teeth. Our dentist are here to help you determine if this is the right cleaning for you.



Getting periodontal cleaning in Fort Lauderdale

Getting a teeth cleaning can be an excellent strategy to ensure that teeth remain healthy and that no significant oral health issues with the teeth and associated structures arise. At our office, we think good tooth and gum health is the foundation for a beautiful smile. If you live in Fort Lauderdale, FL, schedule an appointment at The Green Dental Studio today.