Smile Makeover

A smile makeover can be defined as a process where one or more cosmetic dentistry procedures are used to improve or enhance your smile appearance. This is not a single procedure but a combination of required treatments that will help you get the most beautiful and functional smile.

Advantages of the Treatment

  • It generally helps in boosting confidence and portraying a beautiful smile, which can contribute to more comfort and success in both your professional and personal life.
  • It can also help restore your smile’s health by addressing issues such as wear and decay.
  • It can correct a wide range of tooth alignment disorders and can be utilized to conceal the dental problems that the patient is experiencing.
  • It can help you avoid wrinkles and other aging signs and give you a youthful appearance.

Who should get a smile design?

A brilliant smile radiates joy, confidence, health and vitality. It plays an important role in your everyday life.

Smile designing is the process the dentist goes through to create a balanced and harmonic natural looking smile. Thus, anyone who wishes to improve their smile can contact our office to find out more about this treatment.



Getting a smile design in our office

Our team of dentists practices minimally invasive dentistry, they believe in respecting the healthy and original tissues whenever possible. After a comprehensive consultation, we will design a customized treatment plan to meet the patient’s needs and obtain a beautiful natural looking and functional smile.

If you wish to enhance certain aspects of your smile, you can schedule an appointment in  our dental office in Fort Lauderdale for a consultation  that can help you get the best smile makeover.