Crown and Bridges

Crowns and bridges are a fixed prosthetic unit that are cemented on natural teeth or dental implants. Once in place, these improve both function and appearance by protecting existing teeth or replacing lost teeth.

Advantages of the Crown

  1. Crowns are frequently used to protect and support weak teeth caused by fractures, root canal therapy, trauma, or big fillings.
  2. Crowns and bridges improve the appearance of your teeth and make you feel more confident about your smile.
  3. A dental bridge helps in eliminating the gaps between your teeth, making your smile beautiful again.
  4. The bridge structure evenly distributes bite pressure during chewing, making eating a breeze.
  5. A bridge can also help you improve your speaking skills by restoring the clarity to your speech that you may have lost due to losing a natural tooth.



Types of treatments

Dental bridges and crowns come in a variety of styles. In our office we love using porcelain which makes for a more conservative preparation and a much more esthetic result.

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