Tooth Colored Fillings

Tooth-colored Fillings are placed to  restore a tooth that has been damaged by decay. The dentist will remove and clean the decaying areas, place a desensitizer and lastly, the filling, which mirrors the color of your teeth and prevents bacteria from entering the tooth and re-infecting it. 

Advantages of the Treatment

  1. Unlike the past’s gold and silver amalgam fillings, the tooth-colored filling has excellent biocompatibility and aesthetic advantage, blending in with the surrounding tooth structure.
  2. The composite resin has excellent bonding properties and does not require anchor points in the preparation, allowing us to preserve healthy tooth structure, which is unlikely with gold or silver amalgam fillings.
  3. Tooth-colored fillings are long-lasting and robust..
  4. The treatment for tooth-colored fillings is not only rapid but also painless.

Who should get a tooth-colored filling?

Composite fillings are the star of composite veneers, an innovative, long lasting and  minimally invasive way of enhancing your smile. They are also used to treat cavities, to restore loss of dental structure for  teeth that have been worn down or fractured (such as from nail-biting or tooth grinding).



Getting dental fillings in Fort Lauderdale, FL

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